4097ab_9bb62d9b80a943ee96c64f5ae7b7894e-mv2Nutritional Ayurvedic   |  Postural Reeducation  (RPG®)  |  Manual and Movement Therapist



Florence is a highly qualified Physiotherapist (2002, Brazil) , specialist in Postural Reeducation (2004), Ayurvedic (2006) as well as Nutritional Therapist (2015, Australia). Physio trained in Brazil, Florence uses her specialised RPG® knowledge combined with many years of experience in dance and Iyengar Yoga to have a better understanding of Body Posture.

The holistic approach used involves myofascial release and Cranio Sacral Therapy (that treats mental stress, migraines, TMJ Syndrome, chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia reinvigorating movement of cerebrospinal fluid) applied to a range of massage styles.

Florence has a focus on providing nurturing, tailored treatments for her clients. Her speciality is deep relaxation massage while therapeutically working with her clients’ muscles, fascia to relieve pain and tension. Practitioner of the ancient Ayurveda principles in her own life, phytotherapy and aromatherapy are choices often incorporated in her treatments.

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Florence is available at Massage in the Garage, Birchgrove, from Monday to Friday from 9 to 7 and on Saturday from 9 to 5. Please get in contact to discuss previous occurrences to prepare the ideal treatment for you.



Physio in University of Santo Amaro (SP- Brazil) (2002)

Graduated in RPG ® by UIPTM-Université Internationale Permanente De Thérapie Manualle of France (2003)

Ayurvedic Therapist Suddha Dharma Mandalam accredited by the International Academy of Ayurveda and International Yoga Federation (2004)

Member of Association of massage therapists (2012)