food for thought

The butterfly effect of a change in diet can be as great as a life safer or as danger as life threatening.


“Today many people are drawn to Oriental healing systems and herbology because these approaches offer the promise of a healing system that is at once powerfully effective and gentle with the least danger of side effects. They lightly feel that disease occurs not as an arbitrary phenomenon but for definite reasons which if correctly understood could help to cure and more importantly prevent recurrence.” (From The Yoga of Herbs: An Ayurvedic Guide to Herbal Medicine)

After 9 year of Ayurvedic practice a need of learning a discourse in Western terms was found. Clients bring pre researches in deficiency of vitamins and/or minerals. Metal intoxication, autoimmune diseases and new fashion diets. Still. The holistic approach seems to be not just more effective but safer.

Adverse reaction to minimal changes in food in different time of lives can be found. According to Ayurveda everything is food. Everything we take in as impressions by any sense has to be digested. Emotions, ambiance, moment conditions likewise local and historical culture influences the transformation of food within the complex beings we are. And therefore the combination of different facts in life has to be taken into account when a new diet is taken.

Food and rituals are not just related in ancient civilizations. We have created our own rituals for feeding ourselves in our individual modern worlds too. And they are as important or more that the nutrient values of the food chosen.

Throughout my years of (self)studies, nutrition significance has broaden and brought me closer and clear of the treasure value of Ayurveda, ancient science recognised and validated by modern science, which refer to all the aspects of feeding the body.

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