With the freedom of working from home, Florence finds time to give special treats to her clients. The treatments are truly tailored in a manner you feel looked after. You could be tasting a shot of pineapple and ginger to increase the digestive enzymes or a tonic cup of herbal tea to begin the session. While enhancing your health, she will always have in mind your ayurvedic body type (dosha). For that we recommend to fill the dosha evaluation and/or health evaluation. 


There is no need to fill both forms but we encourage you to have the health evaluation done by the night before your appointment when Florence plans and prepares your treatment. But if you are the kind that likes to be in charge of your health, Ayurveda is for you. Ayurveda is an education health system where learning about your nature and the seasonal signs within yourself allow you to make choices to balance your life. Then the dosha evaluation form is a fantastic place to start.

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You find the different treatments approaches Florence performs described here and the idea behind the table d’hôte ideal that contrasts to an impersonal business.