from the portuguese word massa: dough.


KaleAnother day at the shared kitchen at work, Sally, a massage therapist colleague, was raving has cooked the best Massaged Kale Salad ever done. I, that at the time was looking for a definition of massage within myself to fill this section, laughed and had an insight.

Massage is pure kneading, manipulation of the physical/ dense material body. That is the start point and expected in every massage style. And all the complex outcome of that touch is consequence of the exchange behind the physical manipulation. Very much like cooking.

The complexity of the result of having a massage is seen in my everyday practice. And although that is reserved to be experienced and words might spoil an unnecessary justification for a massage, my practice tells me something beyond a list of physical benefits. My state of mind as well as my intention are of great effect during the strokes, palpation, squeezing or pressing.  And it feels that the response of the dense body is integrated somehow to the subtle bodies. I won’t dare to go this way and explain it. Many beautiful ancients sciences have models to do so. Perhaps it is more important to be aware of and to feel it happening.

spine system


Being physio, I ended up granted massage therapist by practise in Australia.  And for being gifted by dyslexia, I am more kind of a visual and a kinesthetic person. That being so, easily identifying physical imbalances without formal assessments, as well as making use of applied knowledge while greeting and walking client to the room. Less words, more touch, and very, very motivated by challenges. I bet I can make a better Salad than you, Sally!

Refer for table d’hote (not à la carte) for types of massages info