Postural Reeducation (RPG®)

Rééducation Posturale Globale® (RPG®) From the same group of physiotherapist students of South of France that created Rolfing or Structural Integration, disciple of Mademoiselle Françoise Mézières, Philippe E.Sourchard developed a method of posture correction registered Rééducation Posturale Globale® (RPG®) or Global Postural Reeducation. This method has been practiced for over 30 years by qualified doctors and physiotherapists, and is now being introduced in the UK.

The RPG® deploys itself for its coherent principles based on biomechanics and neuromuscular coordination, and the effectiveness of its results. RPG® is a gentle, progressive and active method, which can be applied to patients of any age, respecting each person’s capability. RPG® is indicated not only for people presenting postural ailments, but also for any musculoskeletal disorder.

The treatment is based on a thorough analysis and observation of anatomy, physiology, and the way in which the person makes ill (evolution of symptoms). The RPG® bases on the individuality of each person in order to design a plan of treatment, which starts from the presentation of symptoms and treats its causes as well as the consequences of such symptoms.

Along with Mr Souchard unremitting effort in developing his method based on progressing knowledge of human biomechanics and motor coordination, all applied to postural re-education and neuromusculoskeletal rehabilitation, he also wrote fifteen books in reference to the RPG® concepts. All books are originally written in French, and most of them were later published in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Mr Souchard and his team lecture the method in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina. In the present time there are more than ten thousand doctors and physiotherapists qualified in this method.



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