Baby massage

 Touch is natural source of pleasure and at the same time gives the knowledge of our body lines. Therefore a presence arises, and I begging to create conscious of myself in the the limitations of my body.


Expectations: The main benefit of applying massage on your baby is that is the bonding time between you two in form of a ritual. Your kid will honour that time forever. And if you find some resistance or difficulty in the beginning, you will be happy to have mastered this when your no longer a ‘baby’ come back asking for that loving mum and kid time. ♥ It doesn’t have to be complex, just trust your instincts. 

Benefits: improves infant-parent/carer bonding and communication (learn more about your baby’s needs), one-to-one attention builds parent’s/carer’s and baby’s self-esteem, helps with baby’s body and social awareness.

Relief : from wind, constipation, teething/teeth grinding, of sinus problems, growing pains, release of emotions and toxins, helps with development of reflexes and also leave the unnecessary ones behind. It is useful as a pain reliever and has a calming effect determinant for better sleep pattern for both parents and baby.

Stimulation: of growth; of muscle tone; improve skin condition; of systems such as respiratory, digestive, immune, nervous, skeletal and blood circulation; production of oxytoxin (hormone produced in both males and females during massage.

Finding a routine: the same spot at the house and same time at the day are examples to help your baby recognise the bonding time through environment, the smell of the oil and the quiet time.

Warm place is essential because any kind of cover makes it a little more difficult. 

Postures: 2 are preferable, the are typical sitting postures in India

BaddhaKonasana and Dandasana 

Initially the posture is a gentle sloping ramp where the head is highest and then the heart, then the pelvis. At the middle way of massage if the baby got receptive, you should try invert the position to lay the baby on his/her tommy (use straight legs to support him/her) and slowly invert the ramp elevating the legs. At the end bring the baby for the first position and finish with good but not too long cuddle.


Oil: baby vegetable base oil with calming and soothing essentials. Warmed up at least at your hands. 

Baby massage are suitable for babies from 1 month year or at the stage their parents are confident to handle the newborn reflex which are very strong at the beginning of their lives. 

No more than twice a day the massage is recommended but in daily basis is just perfect. 

Remember: it is time for body language. Eye and body contact. Avoid too much talking or noise around. Nice and calming music at the back ground can help introduce the atmosphere. And you teach your baby the value of silence 😉 


Florence Biancardi

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